Soap-UI MacOS version tweaks, fixing freeze and slow performance

28 Sep 2016

By default Soap-UI uses internal jre bundle and it’s performance is not best one. If you have installed fresh version of jdk or jre, you can delete internal.

1. Stop soap-ui process.
2. Locate and delete jre.bundle. I.e. in Terminal execute following commands

$ cd /Applications/
$ rm jre.bundle

3. Next modify

$ nano /Applications/

# uncomment to disable browser component
JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dsoapui.browser.disabled=true"

Save(ctrl+o, enter, ctrl+x) and exit.

4. As addition you can modify vmoptions.txt

$ nano /Applications/

add new line at the end of file with: 


Save(ctrl+o, enter, ctrl+x) and exit.

Done, you can start soap-ui, freezes should dissaper.

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